Pubg mobile control settings

PUBG game is the most popular game at this time. But now, many version of PUBG is available including the free versions.

Best PUBG Mobile Settings for Basics, Graphics, Controls, Sensitivity, and more

All PUBG versions have different settings and every player wants the best settings for Pubg like a pro player. We are going to provide you the best PUBG settings for the best gameplay. We explained some settings in Pubg which will really help you to play Pubg in a better way. You just need a decent Graphic card, fast internet connection, ultra-HD display.

Here are some best settings for Pubg lite pc that give you smooth gameplay in your game while you have them. You should definitely try this graphic setting but before that, update your graphic card drivers. After all the things, the sound setting for Pubg is most important because, in this game, there are no footprints of the enemy like in PUBG Mobile.

Once you apply these settings, you will be able to play PUBG much better than before. There are a lot of monitors with a refresh rate of hz. You can choose one that fits in your budget.

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Most of the time when people play PUBG then they do not modify the control settings which make their gameplay uncomfortable. Too much sensitivity for a scope can affect your gun firing and that is not desirable for any PUBG player.

With faulty control settings, it would be very hard to kill the enemies. The settings in the PUBG game have a gameplay bar in which we can change the mode of our guns which has a burst mode and a single bullet mode. And we can leave it on auto mode as well.

Here are some best settings for PUBG pc that give you smooth gameplay in your game while you have them. After applying the settings given in the screenshot, you can play your game smoothly. Sound is very important in Pubg game. In this game, we can find our target only through sound. It is necessary to do some settings which we have shown you in the screenshot.PUBG Mobile enthusiasts have long demanded a way to play the game with a controller or keyboard and mouse.

If you'd like to play with a controller from your mobile devicewe have a seperate guide for that.

pubg mobile control settings

However, it basically mandates a rooted Android device. Especially when it comes to keyboard and mouse controls, the default mapping for PUBG Mobile using Tencent Buddy is actually pretty solid. Here's how the keys and presses will be configured after a fresh install.

If by chance these settings don't appeal to you, you can change them by pressing the small keyboard button in the top-right of the emulation screen. This brings up the keymapping menu shown below. Just find the key in the area, double click its little bubble and replace the key by pressing the button you want. Save the arrangement when you're done. As of now the controller options seem a bit strange considering there's no on-screen option to firebut the mapping works in a similar fashion.

Tap the small button at the top of the keyboard menu to enter gamepad options. There are no default values, though, so you'll have to use the above image as a reference and drag the button presses to the proper area of the screen.

We'll do our best to upload a controller-centric mapping once a good one becomes available, but we wouldn't advise using controllers because you'll be at a disadvantage against people who are using a mouse. Tencent Buddy is still in beta, so bugs and performance problems are to be expected.

That being said, pressing the small menu button at the top of the emulation window and selecting "Settings" does have a few tweaks that can be made to support lower-end systems.

In the Game subsection, switching the resolution to SD is a solid idea if your PC doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. Beyond that, the settings in the Engine menu are better left untouched unless you're an experienced PC user. This game will never look as good as its Steam counterpart, so tinkering with the settings isn't a major priority in this case. As a result, you won't be able to play with folks on Apple or Android phones.

pubg mobile control settings

There has been some discussion that iPad Pro owners can join the Tencent Buddy lobby, but cross-platform play is mostly nerfed.

If you want to squad up with friends, they have to be playing on Tencent Buddy with you. Is keyboard and mouse support still fun without the obvious precision advantage over phones? Tell us in the comments section!PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games and frankly, we have no qualms in accepting that fact.

So to resolve this issue, we have come up with this article where we have listed out 8 ways to fix ping in PUBG mobile. We have kept the guide pretty simple and straightforward so no worries there. Also, if you have a low-end device, you should read our article on improving PUBG performance in low-end devicesbefore proceeding with this article.

However, if you are using a device from another OEM, the Settings may vary slightly. In that case, look around the Settings page and search for similar strings and you will likely find the dedicated Settings menu. Use Native Game Booster Of late, smartphones are coming with inbuilt game boosters which are designed to reduce background activities so that you can have smooth gameplay.

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The boosters can optimize the performance of the device, bring down latency and prioritize the bandwidth for the current game. These native boosters can also stop background apps from accessing network, memory, and crucial resources while playing games. If you are using a Xiaomi device, you can enable Game Turbo settings on your smartphone under the Mi Security app.

Best Recommended Settings to Play and Win in PUBG Mobile

Similarly, devices from other OEMs have different strokes of settings so go through your Settings page and you would find something like gaming mode. If you are playing PUBG on WiFi with a good internet connection and still ping is abnormally high then you may have to manually configure the WiFi settings.

Open the Settings page and go to WiFi. It will re-route all network resources to the current application which will eventually lead to lower ping. You can do so on any Android device by opening Settings and going to Apps. GFX Tool is quite a popular app among smartphone gamers and you can use it to lower the ping while playing games. Change the following settings for low-latency PUBG gaming: graphics to p, rendering quality to medium or low, disable shadows and light effects and lastly, enable GPU optimization.

This should bring down ping in PUBG. The app can improve the server-client connection with a one-tap button. Install Mobile Gaming Ping Free 5.

How To Set Up Bluetooth or USB control In PUBG Mobile

Besides that, you can also use a VPN which will connect you to a different server. You should have a lower ping this time.Every player in PUBG mobile wants to win every match they play. Although most of the time it comes down on your various in game settings. In this article we are going to talk about the best recommended settings to play and win in PUBG Mobile. Peaking behind a tree or a house will help you in avoiding being easily spotted while looking for enemies or being shot by the enemy.

This will help you in shooting from behind rocks or trees without tapping the wrong buttons.

pubg mobile control settings

When you shoot with your weapon you will notice that your has a vertical recoil. If you shoot while peaking you will notice that vertical recoil of your weapon is slightly decreased. This means you will have a higher accuracy on hitting your enemy. Always hide behind a rock or a tree when shooting to an enemy. By doing this he will have a hard time finding your position and to shoot as most part of your body will be covered from the object you decided to use as a cover.

If you are an expert in the game you might consider taking of the aim assist as it prevents you from getting headshots. I suggest choosing the green or blue color. Having a high frame rate will make the game perform better, this will allow you to easily spot and shoot enemies without having FPS issues. So in case you want to play without lag you should choose the maximum frame rate possible for your mobile device and the lowest graphic quality. With this option i could see clearly the enemies.

By disabling the Anti-aliasing you will reduce the heat that your mobile device produces. Pick a control setting that works best for you. Before dropping into a match have at least a quick exercise with each setting to see which satisfy your needs.

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In case you just started with the game, I would suggest you to stick with the default settings. Again if you are a new player i would stick with the default setting. To adjust the right sensitivity setting to your preference i would suggest you to practice in the training mode.

With the training mode you can have a quick feeling of the sensivity. If you are not an expert player of the game you should absolutely enable the auto pick-up function.

This option will auto pick up backpacks, helmets, and vests. In case you find a higher level backpack, helmet or vest this function will auto replace them with your current gear. I advise not to switch off the auto pick-up function as it saves you time from looting dead bodies.

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It is important that you play with the in game audio on. Hearing footsteps and gun shots could help you in finding where are the enemies. An advice i could give is to play the game with earphones making the audio better and will totally help you in localizing the enemy quicker.

Your email address will not be published. Avid gamer since the age of 10, love to make guides on any kind of game that I follow or that I am interested in. Username or Email Address. Don't have an account? To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.PUBG Mobile settings can have a big impact on how new players perform in the game. If you just started playing PUBG Mobile, you may be a bit confused trying to figure out the best settings to play the game.

PUBG Mobile runs just fine even on default settings, but there are several tweaks that will make it much easier to play the game. We revisited PUBG Mobile to look at all the default settings in the game and which ones you should change immediately to make a big impact on your game. These settings don't guarantee that you will win the game, but they ensure that you have a head start in a game that's not very welcoming for new players. Every single new player of PUBG Mobile finds it annoying to hear other players screaming into their mics or sometimes even using profanity in the middle of a game.

There's an easy way to disable this in the game. Once you're in a game tap the Speaker icon and set it to Offand then tap the Microphone icon and set it to Off. This will mute everyone and you can focus on sharpening your skills till you're ready to chat while playing.

PRO Customize Claw Control Setting - This Setting Make a PRO Player on PUBG Mobile

This is not always accurate though, sometimes you will find better performance or visuals that you prefer when you stray away from PUBG Mobile's recommendations. You can change graphics to Smooth on low-end devices and some players on more expensive phones prefer the same setting because it allows them to use the highest possible frame rate setting.

We highly recommend that you change the frame rate to the maximum possible setting on this page, which is Extreme on high-end phones and Ultra on most other devices. You can choose between classic, colourful, realistic, or soft — this changes the colour tone in the game.

Choose one that looks better on your phone's screen as classic doesn't work for everyone. These filters are just cosmetic changes to the visuals and some people claim that the colourful mode helps them spot enemies more easily. However, in our team the consensus is divided on this one, with most people preferring classic mode and getting by just fine with it.

We suggest that you check out all of these options and figure out which one works best for you. This option is on the bottom-left once you're in the Controls menu. Now you can move the fire button around and place all other buttons wherever you find them to be the most comfortable.

This setting is so good that it's baffling it's not enabled by default. Peek and fire allows you to get pop your head out when you're hiding behind cover and to shoot at enemies. This means your foes have just your character's head to aim at — which is harder to hit than the character's body — and you get a chance to land some hits from the safety of cover. Some players also recommend enabling Peek and open scope. This automatically opens your gun's scope when you peek, giving you a magnified view of the surroundings and a greater chance of spotting enemies.

Ideally you want to focus on the game and not keep tapping on screen to pick up loot. This setting allows you to pick up guns and ammo just by walking over these.

Now Enable Auto Pick-Up. There's a limit to how much inventory you can carry in PUBG Mobile, but it's always better to pick up more ammo. The game has a limit on the number of rounds you can carry and we recommend that you bump it up a little to ensure that you're never short of ammo. For fast-firing guns, set it to around rounds. You can set different limits for different guns, so set these wisely.

By default you have a field of view of 90 degrees. Some players prefer to increase this for a better view of the map, when playing in first-person view.

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Quick Chat allows you to create set templates to quickly send pre-written messages. This is useful if you want to avoid using voice chat and communicate quickly with team mates.

Crosshair allows you to aim your weapon in every shooting games. If you're a fan of video games, check out TransitionGadgets 's gaming podcast. You can listen to it via Apple Podcasts or RSSor just listen to this week's episode by hitting the play button below.

For the latest tech news and reviewsfollow Gadgets on TwitterFacebookand subscribe to our YouTube channel.Some have gone so far as to rank its fun factor higher than the PC and console variants. With the game being showered with such praise, it is only natural that even casual players — those with little or no stock in the battle royale genre — would be getting in line to try their hand at it. Once you cross that threshold, however, you are eventually, at least during the time of this writing, bound to come across players who seem to be moving and shooting with the kind of agility that one usually only sees in the PC version of the game.

While a select few of them may really be that good, it seems most others may be using a keyboard, mouse, or controller with their mobile device or playing the game on their computers using an Android emulator such as the popular BlueStacks. Regardless of whether or not this can be classified as pure cheating, I think we can all agree it entails an unfair advantage. If you too are tempted to turn to the Dark Side and use a keyboard and mouse yourself, just know that there are better, more ethical ways to slay in the game.

Following are some tips as to how you can improve your aim and get better at winning gun fights in PUBG Mobile while sticking to touchscreen controls. In any shooting game, one of the best ways to avoid getting shot is to keep moving, especially during a gun fight.

You will notice that most players will stop moving whenever they find a target. One solution that has worked quite well for me thus far is to strafe left and right while facing enemies. In close combat, and with a full-auto weapon in hand, you may simply hold down the fire button and drag your finger around to adjust your aim, all while moving.

Gameloop performance Optimization Guide for PUBG Mobile

You can also set the sensitivity of the gyroscope control. Each preset changes the way you aim, move, and shoot, so it should be worth your while to have another look at them.

You can also completely customize your on-screen controlsre-positioning and resizing each button. The only way to continue shooting while shifting aim in PUBG Mobile is to hold down the fire button and dragging around the screen for an uncontrolled spray.

An additional input scheme exclusive to 3D Touch-enabled iPhones solves this problem by unifying aiming and shooting controls. Did this post help you? I write, game, design at times, and revel in sarcasm. You can find me on Twitter. Strafe While Shooting In any shooting game, one of the best ways to avoid getting shot is to keep moving, especially during a gun fight.

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Enable 3D Touch iPhone Only The only way to continue shooting while shifting aim in PUBG Mobile is to hold down the fire button and dragging around the screen for an uncontrolled spray.

Related Posts. Follow TheGeekCosmos. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Popular Posts Recent Posts.Facebook Twitter VK. This update requires approximately a total of 1. Players on different versions are unable to invite one another, so please update as soon as possible. Now supports adjusting the voice volume of a single teammate in battle. Players can adjust volume according to their teammates' voices.

Added Universal Marks, which allow players to mark locations, supplies, vehicles, death crates and doors. When marking, the corresponding marks are displayed according to the different objects. Players can mark and respond to teammates' marks for quick communication. Preferred settings can be configured in Settings. Added Death Replay, which allows players to watch how they were eliminated.

Players can watch from the attacker's perspective for a certain time prior to their deaths. Hardcore Mode can be selected in the Arcade Mode selection screen. All to give players a more realistic shooting and survival experience. Based on Classic Mode gameplay, arctic storms appear periodically in Vikendi. Players need to maintain their body temperature through various means, otherwise their health will continuously decrease when their body temperature is low.

Please keep an eye on the update notes for future release dates. Improved the camera shaking and position adjustment in some situations in Team Deathmatch FPP mode to increase realism. Improved Bluetooth headphone latency on some Android models. Added support for streamers, plush, neon streamers, and better UI and fabric effects. Added Close-Up View: The game will automatically switch to close-up view when players are trying on helmets, hats, glasses, masks, and backpacks.

Update 0. Arcade Machines: Interactive Arcade Machines will be placed in the amusement parks and major towns, which can be activated with Tokens. Players can be launched into the air to use their parachute and glide again. The DBS has an internal magazine that holds 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo that can fire 2 shots each rack. The DBS will need to be racked from the magazine after 2 shots, which is faster compared to previous shotguns' reloading speeds.

Ways to maintain body temperature: Use a lighter to light a fire indoors and gather branches to add to the fire to increase heating time. Hunt chickens to acquire raw chicken and roast it on the fire, then consume the roast chicken to restore body temperature.

pubg mobile control settings

Use items such as the heater or heat packs. Other Contents: Snowboards from the Winter Festival will also appear in this mode for players to enjoy snowboarding.


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