Lamborghini countach kit car for sale

The first production vehicle was sold to an Australian buyer in as the LP With its rakish styling and those tires, the LP had the lowest drag coefficient of any Lamborghini Countach for sale. Debuting in at the Geneva Auto Show, the Italian bull made its way into the automotive spotlight with radical and trapezoidal shapes in the form of the Countach S.

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The car was groundbreaking, setting a new precedent in the supercar world with the introduction of the 5-liter V12 engine. Following the mid-mounted V12 structure of previous supercarsthe cabin located even further forward to accommodate a larger engine and was the first example of a Lamborghini with the signature scissor doors.

These came about as a result of the wide tubular chassis making conventional doors an insurmountable obstacle in tight parking lots and garages.

16 Lamborghini Countach for sale

With improved aerodynamics through controversial changes to the exterior bodywork and bumpers, as well as the use of the widest wheels and tires ever to be put on a factory car, contributed to improved performance with an acceleration of mph in 4. Due to the low production numbers, only 2, cars in total were built frommeaning selections of used cars in almost any variation is limited. Depending on timing and market demand, we offer the listings for this car can be limited.

If any vehicle listings do not display a Lamborghini Countach price or specific details, please contact the dealer via our contact form. Look for low mileage cars to hold their value with original equipment when shopping for an Italian bull.

Single German ownership until Less than 14, km from newHighly original exampleAccompanied by its original order RM Sotheby's. Offered from nearly 33 years of single ownershipOne of just 50 first-series LP S builtAmongst the Curated Miami, FL. No listings found! Widen search by de-selecting one or more search filter items.

Register an account to save your searches for more than 30 days. Call for price 10, Miles. RM Sotheby's Curated Miami, FL X Success Your e-mail has been sent. You will be sent a copy of this email to the email address you provided.Build a Diablo with this ebook :.

See the latest land speed records. Build a Diablo with this book :. To report an item as sold, bogus, or out-of date please contact our webmaster, Fred, at email: MyPlasmaCutting gmail. Body fully mounted, with windshield installed, after market headlights and taillights installed, hood, deck lid, and doors all hinged and latched. Will come with digital gauges installed, new black carpet for Fiero, new black vinyl seats and enough black vinyl to finish all interior Fresh engine, clutch and brakes.

Drives nice, has AC, secret compartments behind the console and behind the passenger seat. It is not a stretch chassis. I spent 3, Factory powder coated chassis.

Alarm with auto start. Registered in Montana. Donor was Impreza Outback, EJ22 2. Full rebuild on transmission. Water to Air intercooler. Controlled by Haltech ECU. Sounds smooth, no boxer rumble. FiveO cc fuel injectors. Push button shifter by Power train Control Solutions. XXR design wheels, 17x7 front, 18x8. Learn more click here. If you have one or know where I can get one please email me.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Email: markcj43 yahoo. I was suppose to get the first roadster out of the mold last year, but my friend died, he lived in Rhode Island.The Mitsubishi Eclipse may very well be the Pontiac Fiero of our time.

Whereas the old Poncho formerly served as the go-to platform for every Ferrari and Lamborghini replica gone awry, the Eclipse seems to have usurped that crown in the modern age. Need an example? Look no further than this crafty Eclipse owner from Ukraine recently uncovered by our friends at EnglishRussia.

Using nothing but some very impressive fabrication skills, some sheet metal and his ingenuity, the guy turned his budget Japanese cruiser into an homage to the Lamborghini Reventon.

Lamborghini Countach Prova Sport Kit car Replica Correctly Registered

Sure, the proportions are a little off. And yes, the front end looks a bit wonky, but the finished product is better than we could manage. Besides, this project turned out far cleaner than other Lamborghini tributes we've seen. You can head over to EnglishRussia. You'll be amazed. Coachbuilt Italian Finery Rides High In The Mediterranean Apparently, the appropriate gift to give for the 45th anniversary of almost anything is a blue sapphire stone. I cannot imagine Autoblog readers craving a story about that, so I'm glad that Italdesign Giugiaro spared me that gig and instead created this truly interesting Parcour concept to mark its 45th anniversary.

Parcour is named after the generally urban activity of French origin spelled "parkour"of throwing one's presumably agile body off walls and railings in an anti-gravity freestyle momentum ballet. This sometimes ends up being broadcast on YouTube, particularly to show a parkour session gone horribly wrong, with the star taking a metal banister in the cojones or receiving a fetching bouquet of twisted fingers.

Clearly design boss at Giugiaro, Fabrizio Giugiaro son of legend Giorgettoand his squad had more coordinated good parkour-ing in mind when they let me drive their cool creation on the island of Sardinia.

I live not far away, so it's a one-hour flight with the herds on a low-cost airline. On the way to discovering the bull calf sweetly eclipses the Gallardo it replaces, CD also discovered that - comparing their own tests - it is faster from zero to 60 miles per hour than its paterfamilias, the Aventador.

In the magazine's last instrumented test of the Aventador Aaron Robinson ran 3. Any way you chop that up, 2. Even if it remains true, though, we're not sure it matters; in a figurative case of Predator versus Alien, it's arguable that the only way to be wrong is not to own one.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Condition: Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle's history. See the seller's listing for full details and description of any imperfections. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Astoria, New York.

Listed on Exterior Color: Red. Listed on Exterior Color: Blue. View on YouTube. Window Sticker. New Pirelli PZero Tires. New Clutch. Original Tool Kit.

A real jewel. The Lamborghini Countach Wretched excess is what it is It s too much too low too flat too many slots and scoops too much power in the engine You'll find the most comprehensive selection of exclusive exotics right here. We are. Whether you are seeking the most experien. Only pieces were made of the Lamborghini Countach S. This Countach has the optional rear spoiler which makes him even more desirable This car has the 5. It comes Full tubular chassis.

Selling my precious beloved Not a Pontiac Fiero kit car. Stretched 9" to Summary Make. LamborghiniModel. CountachPrice. This Lamborghini Countachnbsp25th Anniversary Editionnbspis a beautiful original example. Red with tan interior and just 30k kilometers Same as the one seen in the Wolf Of Wall Street. For sale at Gateway Classic Cars in our St. Louis showroom is a very special Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole. Apparently there Get notified when we have new listings available for lamborghini countach.

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lamborghini countach kit car for sale

Year No minimum No maximum Login Register Sitemap Contact us Home. It is mechanically sound and I drive it regularly. After these Kit cars were built, they had a tendency to get very little use. When I got mine, I wanted to drive it!

lamborghini countach kit car for sale

So when I purchased it I had many items replaced that go bad after a certain number of years. I had the fuel pump replaced, throttle body replaced, new belts, new filters, new sensors, and new hoses. NOW, it is running and driving well by 40 year old car standards!

Lamborghini Countach! (Replica)

By nature, they are louder, less comfortable, and overall more unpleasant to drive. This leads me to my next point Kit cars were primarily built by private individuals with subpar guidance and instruction.

The fiberglass Lamborghini bodies, while built nearly to the same spec as the real ones, often times had imperfections. Many of them, by no fault of the builder, would have doors that would not close properly, windows that would not seal, and cracks in the paint caused by vibrations would develop over time. While this vehicle is a good example of a well built kit, it does suffer from a few of the common Kit car ailments.

The rubber trim around some of the windows is just basic outdoor trim that can be purchased anywhere, is starting to show its age and peel back in a few places. I would recommend replacing it if you were going to drive it frequently. Also, there are no structural cracks anywhere on the body, but in the common areas, around the wheel wells, around the windshield, and around the door hinges, there is some spidering in the paint.

Lastly, as seen in the photos, there is some damage to the front low hanging splitter where the previous owner broke it while pulling out of a very steep driveway. Other than that, overall the paint is in relatively good shape with a little bit of fading here and there. The tires are in good shape, all of the lights and blinkers work. It blows fine, and the heat works, but it appears that the AC will need to be recharged. I have just been using it as is.

If you have any questions, or you are local and can come by to test drive it, you are more than welcome to reach out to me. I see a lot of these vehicles being listed and sold for much more money in a lot worse shape then mine, and people feel they have been ripped off. Overall the experience having this car has been an absolute joy. Thanks for looking! More Lamborghini classic cars for sale. Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States. Replica Lamborghini Countach.

Lamborghini Countach Replica. Lamborghini Countach Replica Kit Car.

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Make an Enquiry.Do you want that poster child Countach to get off of your wall and into your life? Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 'Lambo' may not be the real deal underneath, but is its price a real steal? Well, it may not have driven your daddy to drinkin' but a lot of you still couldn't get enough of yesterday's Hot Rod Lincoln.

Are you tired of rich people having all the fun? With all the talk these days of the one percent, and how like 17 people control all the world's money, it kind of makes you a little jealous of what the haves have when you don't have squat.

Well, be a have-not no-more because as it turns out, you don't actually have to be rich in order to appear rich. That's right, there are plenty of fake Rolexes, single-serving cat foods, and spray-on ' I don't have to work for a living ' tans to go around, so what are you waiting for?

A good place to start would be this faux Lamborghini Countach. The real deal can cost hundreds of thousands to purchase, and a buttload additionally to maintain. This one?

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It's comparable to about a year at a state University, and you can get parts for it at the Pep Boys. The ad for this Countach says that it rocks an authentic Lamborghini body - and the seller has papers to prove it.

lamborghini countach kit car for sale

I'm guessing that the papers have 'authentic Lamborghini body' written on them. Actually, I think that means that it's fiberglass and was splashed off of an actual Countach rather than being aircraft-grade aluminum hand beaten by a guy named Marco whose daily lunch typically consists of a Barolo and hunk of Asiago. Regardless of its provenance, it sure looks like the real deal, right down to the iconic, and totally useless rear wing. It's close enough at least that the Romney campaign will try to hit you up for donations.

Of course that also means you'll have to learn how to back up by sitting side-saddled out the open door, because that's just how rich Countach-owners roll. Much like America itself, underneath the veneer of prosperity there lies a plebeian Fiero chassis.

That's not such a bad thing, and at least this Countach isn't saddled with an Iron Puke.

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Instead it apparently sports a crate SBC in your standard cubic inch displacement form. That means that not only does it look the part but it also should be quick enough to outrun all those moochers asking for spare change and medicines for their babies.

You haven't got time for that, you've got elbows to rub and lessors to look down upon, right? Speaking of looking down, what's up with that one headlight raised in all the pics? Is there something about the pop-up actuation that the seller isn't telling us? A Stallone Countach is of course even more rare and hence valuable, so perhaps the wonky light is actually a plus.

See, rich people always know how to spot money making opportunities! The interior is a mixture of Fiero, Lamborghini, and the sensibility of that year old kid with the Countach poster on his bedroom wall.

The leather looks okay, as does the Countach-esque dashboard. The pedal covers however, along with the TV in the dash, and the garish speaker grilles will cause the valet at the Club to question the owner's taste, and that's not something you ever want to have the help do.

Let's help out the seller of this Fieroghini and let him know if his pricing acumen is comparable to his car. What do you think about that price for this pretty righteous fake? Is that an amount that should have a new owner posing with this beauty? Or is that price too rich for your blood? Central Michigan Craigslistor go here if the ad disappears.Login Register Sitemap Contact us Home. Gasoline FUEL. Prova has been the best of the best replica for Countach. Exact same dimension as original Countach.

Only under 30 are in US. This car has California Lamborghini Title. Registered as Lamborghini This car is not a Fiero extended frame, it is a full tubular frame.

Flawless condition now Zero miles since repaint Hood, hatches, and doors opens and closes perfectly. Chevy V8 with carb set up. All the wiring is still there 5 Speed Manual transmission FieroAll electrical parts are GM parts so it is fairly easy to work on.

New Lambo OEM release lever for engine deck and trunkLambo wheelsBrand New Rear view mirror with rear view camera screenPower windows Opens very little just like a real Countach Coil over suspension systemNew Lambo emblemsAll the electric components work except for AC Need new compressor No audio system installed at this time, however these is an opening for 1 din in the dash.

I have California clean title in my hand. The is currently on non-op status but has license plate. Runs great! I also have traditional rear wing for it if you are buying it, it goes with the car. The car can be seen between the hours of PM Mon-Friday at my work only. No joyride. No tire kicking. If you are not financially ready, please refrain from calling or texting me as I am a very person just like you.

My number is eight six Thank you. Lamborghini Countach Replica Clean Title. Lamborghini Countach Replica Kit Car.


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