Boa meteo

Update imminent. Questi sono altezze d'onde di mare aperto. Note: the tide data above is calculated at the surf break location. Nuova previsione viene pubblicata ogni 6 ore www.

boa meteo

Vedi info dettagliate marea e grafico. Chiave di carattere vento - venti in mare aperto a Boa soffiano da NNW. Short Range Forecast: Mostly dry. Long Range Forecast: Mostly dry. Wind will be generally light. Basta prendere il frammento di codice html da noi fornito e copiarlo nel proprio sito. Clicca qui per ottenere il codice. Vedi previsioni dettagliate per Boa a : surf-forecast.

The above surf forecast table for Boa provides essential information for determining whether the surfing conditions will be good over the next 7 days. A general guide to surfing at Boa can be found by selecting the local surf guide option on the grey menu. Our Boa surf forecast is unique since it includes wave energy power that defines the real feel of the surf rather than just the height or the period. If you surf the same spot Boa regularly then make a mental note of the wave energy from the surf forecast table each time you go.

Very soon you may start to choose your surf days based on the wave energy alone combined with our forecast of favourable offshore wind conditions. Our star ratings will help here and of course you will also find the usual wave height and period predictions on our surf forecasts as well as a full break down of the swell components under our advanced users option to reveal that, click the little Einstein character under the tide times.

Further information to help with frequently asked questions about our surf forecast for Boa may be found under the help tab on the top menu and also by moving your mouse over the question marks on the surf forecast table itself. Are you planning a holiday in Timor? If you are looking for accommodation near Boa, camping, hotels and holiday cottages in Timor, consider staying in Kupang which is km 65 miles away. Hourly 7 days. Visualizza tutte le mappe. Surf-Forecast Store Certified organic materials, made using renewable energy.

Shop Mens. Widget Free Surf-Forecast.

boa meteo

Il tuo browser non supporta gli iframe Vedi previsioni dettagliate per Boa a : surf-forecast. Informazioni su Boa Surf forecast The above surf forecast table for Boa provides essential information for determining whether the surfing conditions will be good over the next 7 days.

Lun Sabato Domenica Log in Join. Thank you for reporting this station. We will review the data in question. You are about to report this weather station for bad data. Please select the information that is incorrect. See more. Station Offline. Send Report. See more Reset Map. Current Station. Personal Weather Station. Location : Boa NovaBahia, Brazil. Nearby Weather Stations. Top Video Stories.

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See more Top Video Stories. Actual Time. Civil Twilight. Nautical Twilight. Astronomical Twilight. Length of Visible Light. Length of Day. Tomorrow will be 0 minutes 47 seconds longer. Oct Nov 8. The time period when the sun is no more than 6 degrees below the horizon at either sunrise or sunset. The horizon should be clearly defined and the brightest stars should be visible under good atmospheric conditions i.

One still should be able to carry on ordinary outdoor activities.Guide Airports. Cape Verde. Boa Vista. Apartments and holiday homes. Holidays for anglers. Bitcoin Consultancy.


Share this page on. Search the Hotels on the Map. Search the webcams of the holiday destinations in Cape Verde. Search for webcams on the map of the states in Africa. Africa Cape Verde Boa Vista. Holidays with the dog? Digital communication. Hotel offers. Buy ASEA. Blockchain consultancy. Temporary export manager. Curiosity from the World What do you find interesting today? Globe Holidays recommends you.

We advise you in Boa Vista If you came here you may also be interested in. Vacation Rentals Backlink Last Minute. List of the main tourist areas in Cape Verde. Recommended tourist routes now in Cape Verde.

Mercado de Sucupira. Recommended street view now in Africa. Recommended foods and local products in Africa. Sponsored ads. Apartments and holiday homeshouses by the sea, in the mountains, with swimming pool, for animals atraveo.

Holidays for anglers Find your ideal destination for fishing at the lake or at the sea tuivillas.Are you sure you want to remove the forecast? Cape Verde Islands are a former Portuguese colony and the influence of Portugal is still evident in the cultural mix of everyday life.

The island has a white desert like appearance and a crystal blue ocean. It also hosts a small oasis with palm trees that add some green to the landscape. It has a largely under developed tourism infrastructure, in contrast to the other Cape Verde Islands.

To get an idea of the sort of weather Boa Vista enjoys on a day to day basis, take a look at the daily weather probability chart for Boa Vista. The climate is influenced by the hot dry winds from the Sahara, which makes Boa Vista dry and not particularly green. It rains irregularly between August and October, with frequent brief and heavy downpours. Rainfall has been recorded at approximately 1 millimetre, with the average rain or drizzle falling on 2 days of the month.

Sunshine throughout these months range between hours per day. Rainfall has been recorded to range between 3mm and 21 mm. January tends to be the wettest month and you can expect to see rain or drizzle falling on 4 of these days.

In general, there is about 10 hours of sunshine per day, and no chance of snow, as the island's climate is too warm.

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All other countries should check regulations before arrival. Boa Vista has excellent conditions for all water sports, fishing, canoeing and cycling. A ferry system links the Cape Verde islands together, so visitors can see the volcanic terrain and the unique sights of each island.

One type of cuisine that you will enjoy in Boa Vista is the unique fish dishes that are influenced by both Portuguese and African elements. Boa Vista is also known for its unique musical style called Morna.

Visitors can also take the ferry to the capital of Cape Verde: Praiato enjoy the resorts available. It has a great selection of hotels, bars and restaurants so is definitely worth a visit.

Boa Vista Int'l Airport (Boa Vista, Roraima) BVB Meteo

Surfing- A keen spot for windsurfers and kite surfers, particularly with the NE winds blowing between October and June. Conditions create the perfect environment for all abilities, particularly beginners- therefore a great idea to get out and try something new! Diving- Due to being in the Mid Atlantic Ocean, there is a vast variety of sea life to be explored, not to mention the hidden reefs and shipwrecks just waiting to be discovered! Available for divers of all abilities, and activities including snorkeling trips, wreck diving and night diving, there is plenty for all to do!

Fishing- With the ability to see humpback and grey whales, not to mention large schools of barracuda and stunning reef fish such as the yellow tailed snapper, an organised deep sea fishing trip should be on the agenda. Horse riding- Something to do on the mainland, and a great way to experience the gems of the island.

There is a range of riding packages to choose from. Deserto de Viana- This desert is almost completely uninhabited. It covers most of the North-Western, and part of the central region of Boa Vista. It has been claimed to resemble Mars with its sands varying from a tan to red colour.

Artists from other islands and abroad come to perform. July- The day of Santa Isabel, the patron saint of the island.

boa meteo

This is the main festival on Boa Vista, held in Sal Rei. Celebrated with a Scared Mass, processions, boat racing, horse racing, tours and a public ball. It is to become very popular due to its location and is perfect for those seeking a later night out in Boa Vista.Do you prefer a hotel complex, a resort or an apartment? Exploring the island and being on top of all the events and activities on the official calendar, are also part of this section.

When consulting the services provided, you will have all the necessary information for a longer stay, if you decide to. The local population also has a big heart: in the associations section, you can find humanitarian initiatives and projects for the protection of various species of animals which roam the island, especially sea turtles. Bearing in mind that the island of Boavista is under development, there is a section on the website that helps you search for some investment sector in the most diverse areas on the island or in the Cape Verde archipelago, which can be unique opportunities to start or have a new business.

Do you want to buy a house, invest in real estate or tourism? These are some of the different sectors in which you can start an investment project. Keep up to date, check out the news below and follow us on the official Facebook page. Boa Vista Neverending island the wonderful beaches of the most beautiful Cape Verde island where the ocean meets the dunes Official Tourism Website.

Travel to Boa Vista.

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Where to stay in Boa Vista. What to do in Boa Vista. Discover Boa Vista. Facebook Event. Time of Event Start Oct 12, End Oct 13, Organizer Morabeza. Time of Event Start Oct 14, End Oct 14, Organizer Ka Silvino. Time of Event Start Oct 15, End Oct 15, Organizer Ouril Agueda Hotel.

Organizer Grill Siroco. End Oct 16, Organizer Monster Lounge. Nature and environment. Sea turtles thrive despite our mistakes.

King of Djeu Kitesurfing Race.

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Number of visitors increased in Cape Verde.The latest and today's weather in Boa Vista, Cape Verde updated regularly. We stayed for two weeks and the first week was absolutely heavenly: hot sunshine with a light breeze to cool Perfect for me: I have asthma and I could breathe!

The wind made it easy living. The most beautiful Weather was very changeable, windy most days. I didn't mind the wind, because it certainly cooled you down when the Very hot and quite humid especially in the mornings before the breeze started. We went on the 16th September which The weather was really hot, but must be prepared for the wind, I wasn't.

Very warm at night so only The island, whose name means "good view" in English, is known for its beaches and sand dunes, as well as the native marine turtles and traditional folk music that attract thousands of visitors each year.

The island enjoys a tropical climate with great weather, high temperatures and fairly low rainfall throughout the year. The wet season usually takes place between September and Octoberbut even then the island experiences just a small amount of rainfall, with merely 24mm of precipitation recorded in each of those two months. This is due to the prevailing winds from Africa preventing the formation of clouds during this time.

In March and June, there are 9 hours of sunshine per day. When it comes to rainfall, spring is the driest season of them all, as a result of those extremely clear skies at this time of year. Each spring month has merely one day with rainfall on average and the total amount of rainfall is hardly any higher than 9mm in May which is virtually nothing. April and June see even less, averaging only 1mm across each month! June is one of the driest months of the year with an average of 1mm of rainfall for the entire month and barely one day with precipitation.

July and August receive significantly more rain, with an average of 12 to 13mm, but this small amount usually falls during one or two brief storms, leaving visitors a chance to enjoy the island without worrying about inclement weather.

Weather in Vaitape (Bora Bora), Tahiti, French Polynesia

Boa Vista is a pretty dry destination all year round, and summer is absolutely no exception. Surprisingly, the summer season is the least sunny time of year in Cape Verde.

July and August have "only" 7 and 6 hours of sunshine per day respectively. The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean does reach its annual maximum in late summer.In-Play Point BettingBets are offered for a player to win the nominated point. Bets stand regardless of whether or not a point takes place in a tie-break.

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boa meteo

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